Ceramics & Pottery

Helene Abraham

Peter Alsen - Our customers love Peter Alsen's work! Peter describes his serious raku pieces as hyper-Oriental. The other, fun sector, features whimsical animals in various balancing acts. His work is truly extraordinary!  

Paul Anthony 

Andrew Barwick

Betty Barwick - Betty Barwick creates unique pottery. Her collections are colorful pieces of art. Each piece starts out white and is hand-colored using pencil, pen, crayons and paint. They are then covered in a matte glaze and are functional and food safe.

JoAnne Bedient - Ft. Meyers resident, JoAnne Bedient, has emerged as one of Florida's premier clay artists. She is best known for her ceramic shoes in which she blends realism and fantasy. She has selected inspiring names such as Whole Lotta Sole for a platform shoe and Dressed to a Tee for a shoe featuring golf tees for the heel. Her imagination and style are always in high gear. JoAnne's creations are in the March 2006 issue of American Style magazine.

Malena Bisanti-Wall 

Dewitt Boyd

Anne Bray

Patricia Caldwell

Jack Charney

Sheila Chrzan

Joe Comeau 

Melinda Crider

Allan Ditton - A native of Toronto, Canada, Nancy Hilborn has been twisting, bending, squeezing, and slapping pottery for over 30 years. Her handbuilt pieces are finished with deep rich tones or soft matte glaze developed from metallic oxides. Her style is distinctive, and she has won numerous awards and commissions. We all want several pieces of this creative and functional pottery!

Karen Fincannon

Hank Goodman

Ruchi Gupta

Ruth Hablutzel

Janis Hughes - Janis Hughes began working in clay after being a chemical engineer. She has her own Evolution Stoneware Pottery studio. The majority of her work is fired to 2232 degrees Fahrenheit in the presence of oxygen in electric kilns. This yields food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe pots.

Sue Keane

Liz Kinder

Hannah Makarovich

Mark Knott - Mark Knott's functional pottery reflects his love of the ocean. Boats, water, continual movement, and repetitive patterns are his inspiration. Multiple glazes are applied by cut sponges, brushes, dipping and/or pouring. The glazes interact and create secondary patterning. The pieces are then soda fired to brighten and enhance the glazes.

Daniel Lamothe

John Lowes

Lee Marshall 

Mariella Owens

Terrie Ponder Watch

Adriana Richard

Yacqueline Roberts 

Nancy Salamon

Audree Sheets

Judy Shreve - Judy Shreve's pottery begins with a dark stoneware clay and glaze. It is thrown on the wheel then altered, shaped and textured to make each piece unique. She adds hand built elements to many of her pieces, and the final result is a beautiful, functional object.

Bob Smith

Stacey Stanhope

Aviva Stern

Michael Terra

Catherine Tittel

Tim Turner

Betty Wassmer

Nolan Windholtz

Julie Windler - Julie Windler has been a functional potter since 1972. She taught pottery making on the library channel after receiving a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and eventually moved into full-time television production. She suspended her art career for awhile to become a television producer and staff announcer with WXIA-TV (and occasionally on-camera), then joined CNN as a news producer and eventually WSB-TV as a producer. After retiring from the television business, she rediscovered her passion for making pottery.

Wendy Wrenn

Francine Zajac 


​​​Martha Andreatos

Gail MacKenzie

Susan Marling

Joan Monroe

Valerie Rhoads

Deborah Webb


​Curtiss Brock - We have carried hand blown glass vases by Curtiss Brock since we opened in 1996. He recently began configuring a few of his vases into lamps. Precision and color are mixed in a beautiful combination.

John Charlton

John Cleage

Chad Cully

Karine Demers

Neal Drobnis

Fire and Light

David Goldhagen

Gray Art Glass

Mark Hines

Dehanna Jones - A native of Seattle, WA and daughter of an auctioneer, Dehanna was surrounded by the art glass of her father's Tiffany collection and antique store. This early exposure to the Art Noveau movement has had a lasting influence on her work. She received her BA in art at the University of Washington and has taught casting and blown glass at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle. Blown glass is the focus of her designs, but she has kept her hand in glass casting by working with architects, designers, and artists as a consultant.

Rollin Karg - Rollin Karg creates sculptural pieces from molten glass usually shaped in a free-form, asymmetrical manner. He loves using dichroic colors.

Christopher Morrison - Christopher Morrison has studied and worked with many fine glass blowing artists including at the studios of Tim Philabaum in Tucson and Dale Chihuly in Seattle. He built his own studio, Morrison Glass Art, in Bellingham, Washington where he not only works, but also teaches beginning and intermediate workshops. He innovatively explores the sculptural possibilities in glass. His art reflects his bond with color, pattern, and form. It is Christopher's vision to create objects that embody elegance.

Nate Nardi

Jennifer Nauck

Peter Newton

Tony Serviente

Holly Wallace


​Karen Boulton / Jonathan Briggs - Wild Metal Works

Jack Brubaker - Jack Brubaker's tools consist of fire, a hammer, and an anvil. Each of his pieces is hot forged, not cast, and the results of his labor are spectacular. The physical and emotional energy that he puts into his work is evident in his sleek wall sconces and candelabras.

Lin Christopher - Lin Christopher is a versatile artist who works in oil, acrylic, sculpture, mixed media, and wood. She has added photography to her repertory. Her images are predominately photomontage. Each piece of art may contain portions of as many as twenty of her original photographs combined to form a new composition. The final image is not crisp, but instead, more brushed and painterly.

Will Christopher - Will Christopher grew up surrounded by woodworking. His father was a carpenter who actually helped build parts of PASAQUAN, the psychedelic environment oasis of folk artist, Eddie Martin, who lived near Will's hometown of Tazewell, GA. Will pursued a career in the computer business. In 1992, he was drawn full-time into his childhood experience of woodworking and has never looked back. His wood and metal clocks are colorful, architecturally-influenced, and sculptural.

Margaret Dorfman – Margaret Dorfman makes beautiful decorative bowls out of fruits and vegetables. Using a variety of over 20 seasonal fruits and veggies, she slices them paper thin then dries and cures them into parchment. Each bowl is handshaped and formed. A clear coating keeps the colors vivid. Enjoy them "as is" or put a votive candle in the middle.

High Desert Dreams 

Richard Jacobus

Daniel Lamothe

Sylvia Lampen and Dave Gulisano

Alan McIntosh - Acme Anvil: We have a wide selection of sleekly designed stainless steel utensils by Acme Anvil. Each piece is contemporary in design, though made to function. Alan McInstosh works out of his studio gallery on the banks of the Syndenham River in the town of Owen Sound. His pieces include wine stoppers, salad sets, various servers, spoons, knives, and the option of a hanging rack on which to display the items in a kitchen.

​J.P. Roberts

Marcia Myrick Siany 

Bob Rickard - Bob Rickard enjoys creating his works of art in his mountain studio surrounded by the natural beauty of Taos, New Mexico. He carves his designs into aluminum with a hand held plasma cutter, then coats the aluminum with metals such as copper, bronze, and iron. Each of the metals reacts differently to the chemical patinas and dyes with which he finishes his pieces. His work reflects his love of geometry, movement, and color.

Al Stephens - After many years of working in the high-production industry, Al Stephens acquired experience in the building, operation, and maintenance of machinery used in that environment. He became a volunteer at New Salem State Historic Site in Lincoln, Illinois learning 19th century blacksmithing techniques in an authentic setting. Al had the opportunity to turn his hobby into his career and moved to Pennsylvania to work full-time as a blacksmith making colonial hardware reproductions and custom projects. In 2000, Al and his wife Sylvia began Pequea Valley Forge, producing a line of contemporary cooking utensils, candleholders, and home accessories. Al's background enables him to combine modern technology with historic production methods to create unique hand-forged items of high quality work with attention to craftsmanship, form and function.  

Darrin Vanden Bosch


​​Tana Acton

Renee Adams

Bruce Baker

Lilly Barrack

Donna Burdic

Cathy Camp

Lila Clare

S.D. Cooper

David & Ronnie

Anita Edwards

Deanna Fleenor

Loretta Fontaine

Liz Franklin

Betsy Frost

Megan Gillis

Sylvi Harwin

Ling Yen Jones - Lin-Yen Jones is a Mendocino County jeweler working mainly in silver, semi-precious stones, and pearls. Her style ranges from the traditional to the modern, and is completely unique. All of her jewelry is individually handmade. The pieces with the Asian-like faces are inspired by the feminine, graceful, and romantic scenes of the Ukiyo-E period of Japanese art. Her "Unmentionables"have different faces, all expressions of surprise, serenity, wonder, and ecstasy. On the backs of her pieces there are hidden hand cut flowers, roller printed leaf patterns.

Vanessa Martin

Lesley Aine McKeown

Danielle Miller - Danielle Miller's jewelry is clean, graceful, and geometric Most of the pieces have kinetic elements with the articulation relying on the actions of the wearer. Pennsylvania born and bred, she now resides in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina.

Chigusa Nishimoto

English Norman

Cynthia Powell-Allen

Judie B. Raiford - Judie B. Raiford is a midtown Atlanta native who has been a full-time gold/silversmith since 1970. She is known for her body-friendly and complement-catching designs. She has sold her jewelry in over 50 galleries across the United States. In August 1995, Judie enlisted family and friends to build the 9,000 square foot timber frame structure in Roswell, Georgia that is home to Raiford Gallery.

Kim Berlin Randall – Berlin is a local native, born and raised in Cobb County. She spent many years in advertising, print media and the web design industry. Then in late 2003 she left the corporate world and began taking metalsmith classes at a local art school. Kim now works two days a week as Judie Raiford's bench assistant, but the rest of her time is spent making her own original designs. Her jewelry is full of textures and layers mixed with clean lines and movement.

Deborah Richardson

Sara Rivera - For many of our favorite pieces, Sara employs the technique of Mokume Gane. It is an old Japanese technique of fusing together several alternating layers of different metals. By then forging and rolling of the metal billet, it represents a fine moire or wood grain pattern. After forming the sheet of Mokume, she then uses it to create her jewelry.

Dana Ruth

Michelle Sandler

Susan Schulz

Alice Scott

Peter Senesac

Jill Sharp

Maria Sjostrom

Jamie Stokes

Delias Thompson

Estelle Vernon

Anne Walker

Sadie Wang

Thad Watters - Thad Watters is an avid sportsman, photographer, and naturalist who spends hours in the woods and on the beach in search of interesting materials destined to become his next work of art. Always intrigued with all facets of nature, he has turned a lifelong love of the great outdoors into art. From the textures of seeds to the fascinating and beautiful inner- working of animals and marine life, his jewelry showcases the “hidden treasures” overlooked by most. Many break and eat a nut, but few have examined the uniqueness of its cross section. Many have feared the rattlesnake, but few have appreciated the interesting shape of its vertebrae. Thad is a retired executive and native of Rome, Georgia.

Jay West - Retired physician, Herb "Jay" West, has been making jewelry for his family for years. He began creating custom pieces for friends, one of whom is an actress who asked him for two different necklaces for her Hollywood Premier eve. His preference is gem quality opal and gold. For choice stones, he travels to the mines in Australia, Mexico, and Africa and attends the Tucson Gem Show.

Katya Wittenstein

Marianna Womble

Metal Work

​​Jack Brubaker - Jack Brubaker's tools consist of fire, a hammer, and an anvil. Each of his pieces is hot forged, not cast, and the results of his labor are spectacular. The physical and emotional energy that he puts into his work is evident in his sleek wall sconces and candelabras.

Roberta Elliott 

Robert Evans

Cherie Haney

Doug Hays 

Richard Jacobus - Richard Jacobus creates utilitarian art pieces in metal. His work is made of hand forged and welded steel. His tables, crosses, and candle holders are graceful in appearance while his lamps, pedestals, and wall hangings are funky and wild.

J.P. Roberts

Al Stephens- After many years of working in the high-production industry, Al Stephens acquired experience in the building, operation, and maintenance of machinery used in that environment. He became a volunteer at New Salem State Historic Site in Lincoln, Illinois learning 19th century blacksmithing techniques in an authentic setting. Al turned his hobby into a career and moved to Pennsylvania to work full-time as a blacksmith making colonial hardware reproductions and custom projects. In 2000, Al and his wife Sylvia began Pequea Valley Forge, producing a line of contemporary cooking utensils, candleholders, and home accessories. Al's background enables him to combine modern technology with historic production methods to create unique hand-forged items of high quality work with attention to craftsmanship, form and function.  

John Running

Vasse Vaught - Handcrafted copper bird baths, bird feeders, and plant trays by Vasse and Peg Vaught make a perfect addition to your garden. A perforated tray with curved handles slides into 3 roof variations to create a unique fly through bird feeder. They will age naturally to a beautiful green patina if left to nature but can also be polished to maintain their original luster.

Cindy & Francis Vega

Yard Birds - The magicians at Yardbirds can turn scrap metal trash into treasures. Louisville residents Richard Kolb and his son, also Richard, have made a business out of welding scrap metal parts and pieces into the cutest animals you've ever seen. Dogs, cats, and an endless menagerie of critters take on their own personalities. They look great in the garden or inside the house. Once seen, the most difficult decision is which one to purchase.

Paintings & Photography

Robin Borland – After earning a Bachelor of Design at University of Florida, Robin worked for many years as a graphic designer in Miami. When she moved to Atlanta, her focus became painting watercolors. She loves the freedom and spontaneity of the medium. She has taken workshops with renowned artists and has had her work displayed in various venues and galleries.

Tracy Burke

Dale Cleveland - Dale Cleveland paints in colorful and vibrant watercolor and acrylics. She has written a book inspired by her alma mater, Clemson University, which consists of 22 watercolor paintings with personal reflections and descriptions of both the university and the town.
James Dean - Even dog lovers can appreciate Pete the Cat. James Dean's whimsical blue cat, Pete, is as likely to be seen walking across Abbey Road with the Beatles as he is in a painting by one of the masters. James has captured the essence of his feline friend in over 100 different paintings.

James Dean

Sally Edwards

Jennifer Friedman

Joanne Gossman - Joanne Gossman's paintings evoke a sense of solitude or isolation. She likes to paint ordinary scenes and objects, but infuses them with outlandish color and texture. Joanne is a signature member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP).

Terry Hammons

Cathryn Hayden-Cooper - At first glance, Cathryn Hayden-Cooper's leaf collages appear to be autumn leaves that she has collected and amassed in a custom shadow box frame. In fact, Cathryn painstakingly creates each individual leaf from heavy watercolor paper. She cuts out the leaves, folds them to create veins, then lavishes on many layers of watercolor paint. Her creations alternate between randomly created patterns as if ruffled by the wind and the precise placement of every leaf.

Barbara Jaenicke - Barbara received her Bachelor’s degree in Art from The College of New Jersey in 1986. Residing in Roswell, GA, Barbara paints landscapes and still life in pastel and oil, with pastel being her specialty. She has a unique method for developing striking compositions and “creating artwork” rather than simply replicating a photograph or still life scene. Barbara is a Member of Excellence in the Southeastern Pastel Society and has been teaching classes in drawing and pastel in the metro Atlanta area since 2002.  

Mamie Joe 

Nancy Johnson 

Ellen Lewis - Ellen Lewis’s paintings reveal her evolving use of color in landscape paintings. She has 20 years of commercial experience as a designer, sculptor, scenic painter, special effects engineer, prop stylist, carpenter, and set dresser. In addition to being a painter and sculptor, Ellen is a swing dance instructor and dance competitor who directs a national swing dance team. Originally from Queens, NY, Ellen now resides in Sandy Springs, Georgia 

Jim Nilsen - Jim Nilsen resides in Edmonds, Washington. He spent twenty years commercial fishing and photographing in Alaska, and during his fishing years, he obtained a degree in photography. Today, his photographs are colorful scenes in colorful places. Domestically, Jim has photographed in New Orleans and the Southwest. Foreign locations visited so far include Brazil, Greece, Guatemala, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, Turkey, and most recently, India. 

Ronnie Offen - Ronnie Offen is a local pastel artist. Her painting of the gazebo in the Marietta Square was chosen as the 2006 Marietta Summer Concert Series poster. Ronnie is a member of the Atlanta Artists' Center and the Southeastern Pastel Society. Her pastels are rendered with a soft palette and are inspired by her travels.

Dale Rayburn - The individuals who inhabit the artistic world of Dale Rayburn's paintings and etchings are persons shaped and molded by life's joys as well as trials. Rayburn's work transcends regional boundaries and stereotypes in both its portrayal of universal experiences and emotions.

Carolyn Ritter - Carolyn Ritter's paintings are expressionistic, saturated with color, and alive with rhythm and movement. They are often whimsical and always happy. Landscapes are windy, still lifes are bright, and animals go beyond portraiture. She has done illustrations for CatFancy Magazine, and a painting of her cat was featured on the cover of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Her design featuring Buddy, a golden retriever, was selected as a specialty Georgia license plate.

Keith Spencer - An exceptional use of color and direct brushwork are combined in the artwork of South Carolina artist, Keith Spencer. The result is a striking range of both figurative and landscape paintings. His paintings are most often done in the alla prima tradition (one sitting) where he works quickly but very focused, applying oils directly and intuitively. His landscapes will often include the mountainous upstate of South Carolina as well as the lowcountry surrounding Charleston. Having managed a cattle-horse farm for twelve years, Keith's own horses are frequently found in his paintings.

Marianne B van der Haar

Anita Stein 


​Terah Cox

Kati Sellers

Lisa Tobin

Pamela Joy Trow-Johnson 


Helene Gardelle

Yaqueline Roberts


​Wesley Adams 

Rita Allen

Eric Arcese

Michael Baumgardner

Bill Benzur - Atlanta native, Bill Benzur, creates all of his work using local fallen trees that would otherwise rot or find their way into the chipper for mulch. Storms and high winds provide a consistent supply of wood for turning.

Bill and Nan Bolstad - Bill and Nan Bolstad are known for the fine craftsmanship displayed in each piece as well as the sophisticated shapes of the boxes and tables they design. The hallmark of their work is the use of highly figured wood grain and burlwood, often spalted Western Maple. Each piece is designed to be functional as well as beautiful. Each has tight fitting joints, is finely surface sanded, has been hand finished and polished, and features interiors ready for the finest treasures. The Bolstads’ home and studio is located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, in Talbot, Oregon.

Buff Brown 

Peter Bull 

Michael Chalef - Michael Chalef, DDS is a general dentist practicing restorative and cosmetic dentistry in Sandy Springs, Georgia. He loves using his hands and eyes to create beautiful things, both in dentistry and other artistic venues. He is a member of the American Association of Woodturners and is a founding member of the Atlanta Woodturners Guild. His main focus is the design and production of turned decorative wooden bowls, utilizing a variety of woods. Using the grains of the wood to showcase the work and allowing the design to follow the wood is the model used for bowl fabrication. Starting out with green wood from freshly cut trees, and allowing the natural drying process of the moisture content of the wood to happen gradually, creates a beautiful result with minimal cracking of the wood. Using exotic woods from many locales is another alternative he uses to create a beautiful bowl with wonderful grain patterns. 

Kevin Dugan

Eugene and Tina King

David Lasker

Vic Lehner 

Jack Lovvorn 

Steve Mickley

Wayne Reeves

Tim Sarno

John Stanton

Darrin Vanden Bosch 
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